Sunday, 2 November 2008

Success... at last!

They have updated mono-addins in MacPorts, so I'm now trying to build MonoDevelop, with version 0.3.1 of mono-addins. The build was a success, so after disabling the Gettext Translation Support from the the graphical add-in setup utility, which is run using mdtool with the following command:

mdtool gsetup

Then I was able to disable the offending add-in and restart MonoDevelop.

Basically I followed the steps here and it all worked seamlessly!

Now that I have it up and running I've realised that it has to run from X11, so I'd really like to find out if this dependency can be got rid of and just get it running natively without an X-server. I don't really know anything about how these things work so that will be a lot of learning that I'll have to do.


  1. The "official" MonoDevelop Mac packages use the new X11-less version of GTK for the Mac, though this GTK still has a few rough edges, for example drag-n-drop issues that prevent the GTK# designer from working. If you'd like to give a hand with polishing MD on the Mac, please give us a shout on the MD mailing list :)

  2. Post updated to support MonoDevelop running without X11. See

    Thanks for making this figure out :-)!