Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Building... harder than Lego make you believe

Last night I did it. It was actually really easy, I just followed the instructions from the tarball, you can see them here or below:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make install

It really was that simple. I'm fairly new to the world of OSX so this experience has raised a few things I think I should know more about. For a start I realised that I don't have a clue about the structure of the file system. Finder hides most of the Unix looking parts away from you, so you have to go diving around with the terminal, which I'm happy to do, but it just seems that they've made it sufficiently different to Linux to really confuse me.

Another hurdle I predict I'll have to navigate is the process of uninstalling, I'm hoping it should be as easy as make uninstall for the tarballed release that I built and installed last night. But what about the 1.9 and 2.0 editions I've installed previously from the Mono Mac Installer, they seem to have spewed files all over the place, including /Library/Frameworks/Mono.Framework. I'll do some googling today and see what I turn up.

Also, I realised that I don't know about make. I've used MSBuild and Nant quite a bit, and I'm assuming that make is kinda the same but you store the configuration as plain text files instead of XML. Which, if I'm honest, makes me quite happy ;o)

On a slightly more personal note, I'm glad to report that, so far, my enthusiasm is remaining, and I'm looking forward to getting in to the code base soon and seeing how things hang together. I'll keep you posted!

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